Women With Vertigo At Higher Risk For Osteoporosis

If you are a woman with benign positional vertigo, talk to your doctor about early and regular screenings for osteoporosis.

A recent study found that people with osteoporosis were much more likely to also have vertigo than not.

The combination of vertigo and osteoporosis can be a double whammy, with vertigo increasing the risk of falling, while osteoporosis increases the risk that those falls will lead to serious fractures.

It is believed that people who suffer from vertigo may have a calcium metabolism issue. As women age, their estrogen levels drop. Estrogen influences both calcium and bone metabolism.

Estrogen is not the only factor involved in the vertigo-osteoporosis link, as men were affected as well as women, but it is another important piece in the puzzle of osteoporosis. The best ways to prevent osteoporosis are to:

  • include recommended daily amounts of calcium and vitamin D in your diet every day
  • perform regular weight-bearing exercise
  • stop smoking
  • avoid excessive alcohol
  • consider adding soy to your diet
  • limit caffeine

Consult your health care provider about any other risk factors you may face for osteoporosis, as well as bone density tests and medication that can help prevent bone loss.