What Is The Best Arthritis Knee Exercise For Me?

Exercise and movement is so important for people who are suffering with arthritis. [Arthritis Exercises]

The more movement you can keep in the joint, the better you will feel.

Exercise helps to keep the muscles strong and the increased movement and flexibility in the joint can help to slow the progress of the disease and keep you pain-free.

Excess weight puts extra strain on your knees, so adopting a healthy, nutritional diet to lose some weight will help with your arthritis knee pain.

If pain is preventing you from being active, look for some form of arthritis knee exercise that is non-weight bearing. Exercise in water allows you to move without the impact of land activities.

The water helps to support your body weight and you can get a greater range of movement in your knee joints than would be possible on land.

Just walk or jog up and down a pool; swim, using different strokes to get a wider range of movement; join a water aerobics class for a great workout. If you are into team sports, try water polo or water basketball.

Cycling is a great arthritis knee exercise because it is also low-impact. The cycling action stimulates the joint cartilage and loosens up stiff joints. Cycling gives a good general workout and improves cardiovascular strength and fitness.

If you are just starting out, use a stationary bike to improve your strength and fitness. Later on you can enjoy a spin class or get on your bike outdoors and benefit from the fresh air as well.

Weight training is another good arthritis knee exercise. You can decide which weights you use and gradually build up the strength and flexibility of your knee joints. If you go to a gym or invest in a personal trainer, make sure you tell them about your arthritis so they can adapt a program to your situation.

Using weight machines allows you to develop muscle strength in other parts of your body, without placing undue stress on your knees. The extra strength in your leg muscles will support your knees better and help to alleviate your pain.

Pilates is a low impact activity that is ideal as an arthritis knee exercise. The movements are designed to strengthen the core muscles of the trunk and abdomen, to increase strength and stability.

When the body is help strongly upright, the organs of the body can function more efficiently. Pilates is developing a reputation as being an effective tool in treating and preventing injuries.

It is a safe form of exercise that is gentle on the joints, and a great way to get a full-body workout.

Walking is universally accepted as one of the best forms of exercise. When you walk, you use all major muscles groups and improve cardio-vascaular health as well [Cardio Exercises]. Add intensity by strongly swinging your arms, either straight or bent, as you walk.

You could even carry hand weights. As an arthritis knee exercise, start out slowly and walk for just 10 minutes at first. As you feel stronger, gradually increase the time you walk.

When you feel your knees can take the extra strain, incorporate some low hills into your walking routine. You can increase the workout by walking faster, adding speed intervals into your usual pace and walking further.

Arthritis knee exercise will help you both physically and mentally. You will feel more energetic with regular exercise, you will be able to cope with pain more easily and you will increase your general health and fitness as well as improving your knee joints.