Walgreens Announce A New Health Care Initiative

The retail pharmacy group, Walgreens have announced a new health care initiative, where it will offer free services to people recently unemployed and therefore suddenly find themselves with no insurance cover.

In a bold move these consumers will be able to avail of the Take Care Clinics for no cost and a partnership with Quest Diagnostics, Inc also means that any required tests etc will also be available for nothing.

This will apply for everyone from and including the last day of March, bad news for those who have lost their jobs previously but it is still a substantial leap to help solve the difficulties of choosing between food or healthcare.

A hard fact of life under the global economic recession, which has seen millions of Americans lose their jobs.

The company explained that the new free service will cover most of the basic service already covered at its nearly 350 county wide clinics. This would include allergies, throat infections, and various other minor treatments.

Measures like this will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the growing bad medical debt. This could lead the way to other steps to make health care more accessible to those decimated by unemployment.

Walgreens is also a great way to build its brand and become associated with the image of a caring and progressive company looking out for the needs of the sometimes ignore consumer.

Spokesperson, Gabe Weissman, reiterated that their principles were to provide good quality health care that was accessible and convenient.