Possible New Alzheimer’s Treatment Found

Over five million American citizens have Alzheimer’s disease, in fact every seventy seconds someone is diagnosed, with what is the sixth most likely cause of death at the present time.

A team of researchers from Britain have been testing a new medicine on a small sample of individuals and early signs are very promising.

Over a three month period five patients suffering from dementia were given the drug, CPHPC, and their condition remained stable.

A protein called serum amyloid P compound, SAP, is believed to contribute to Alzheimers by preventing the breaking down of existing plaques, it is found in both blood and the brain. CPHPC removes all the SAP and therefore these plaques can continue to disintegrate.

The new drug that is being tested will never actually cure Alzheimer’s but it could provide a longer prognosis for patients who suffer from the disease. The various Alzheimer’s groups worldwide have welcomed the results that were recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

These very significant trial results will ensure that more testing will be carried out but on a much wider scale. Treatments already available for Alzheimer’s have little effect after 6 months or so and even in those early stages improvement is very small.

A large number with the disease have found no benefits at all and there is a desperate need for a potential cure to be found.

Any research, however small provides hope for those affected by this devastating disease. However, much more is required in the future to understand its cause and hopefully one day eradicate it all together.