Link Found Between Sleep Disorders And High Blood Pressure

New findings suggest that people who suffer from insomnia will be at extra risk from high blood pressure and other stress related illness. [Insomnia Treatment]

A team lead by Dr Alexandros N. Vgontzas studied over fifteen hundred people of both sexes when they spent a single night in his laboratory.

Their sleep pattern was measured because people that record their own data can never really be relied upon.

Insomniacs that got less than five hours sleep were much more likely to suffer from an increase in their blood pressure compared with good sleepers that got at least more than six.

Long term lack of sleep are more prone to depression and have a much higher level of cortisol which is a stress hormone found in the body.

For the purposes of this study, an insomniac was deemed as someone easily awaken, having difficulty in actually falling asleep and those that woke early still feeling tired and therefore never seem to be rested.

Overall the test showed that half of those studied got more than six hours sleep, and the other half were split between slightly less and finally people who got hardly any sleep at all.

One in every ten people, suffer from insomnia and it cause a lot of lost work days and numerous trips to the doctor. It can cause serious injury including motor accidents.

This interesting study should help towards understanding more, the full effects that it has and maybe one day trying to find other ways to help sufferers.