Link Between Hot Tea And Esophageal Cancer

After studying the tea drinking habits of people from Golestan Province, Iran, researchers have concluded that drinking scalding beverages may lead to cancer of the esophagus.

The area in question is known for having high rates of esophageal cancer, among the highest in the world in fact, despite having low rates of smoking and alcohol consumption.

The issue seems to be the temperature of the tea. Scalding hot beverages, those at 158 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius) or higher, are the worst offenders.

Researchers think that repeatedly exposing the esophagus to such scalding hot beverages could cause heat damage which results in irritation. The exact reason drinking such hot beverages may lead to esophageal cancer is not known.

With tea having many attractive qualities, including great taste, antioxidants, and less caffeine than coffee, there’s no reason to give up your “cuppa.” If you like hot tea, take a cue from the British and take your tea at a more moderate temperature of about 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius).

Just allowing your beverage to sit for a few minutes after pouring will usually allow it to cool the required amount. Nice china cup will also allow more heat to dissipate than using a thermal insulated mug.