Will Every American Be Forced To Get Health Insurance?

US government figures show that over 50 million citizens do not have health insurance; the mandate to force all Americans to get cover was a big issue in last year’s presidential election.

Even Barack Obama seems to be swaying away from his belief that a mandate was not the answer to America’s health care problems.

All the insurance companies have been joined by a coalition of influential groups in the sector, to insist that legislation be passed requiring every American to get health cover.

The Health Reform Dialogue, which includes various groups such as Families USA, the American Hospital Association and the AARP, is also suggesting the introduction of subsidies to help people who can’t afford the insurance.

Senator Max Baucus who is also a strong supporter of this measure believes that those with health insurance are facing increased premiums to cover the cost of the uninsured.

President Obama was clear in his presidential campaign that he was against any mandate however in recent answers to questions on the issue; his line seems to be changing. He now seems to be indicating that it is part of the on going debate on the whole health system overhaul that need to take place.

The biggest problem is seen as the imposition of forcing people to pay for insurance when they simply cannot afford to do so.

A growing number of interested parties insisting on the measure seem to be outnumbering those that worry about the risk of increasing the country’s poverty levels as a result.