We Can Control Our Aging

exerciseAging is one aspect of life that we all wish we could avoid.

We hate the effects that aging has on our physical appearance with wrinkles and sagging muscles.

We suffer through the diseases that are associated with aging. But we understand that aging is inevitable.

Well, to an extent. Biologists have found genes that are associated with a decline in physical health which usually occurs after reproductive age.

But recent studies have also shown that the wrinkles of age are primarily caused by the choices we make in our lives.

These choices include alcohol consumption, smoking, stress and depression. Studies on identical twins have found that the twin that made the smarter life choices turned out to look less old.

What occurs when we age?

As we age, our muscles have a tendency to shrink and sag. The number of muscle fibers we have also decreases. The tendons in our muscles lose water, causing muscles to become stiff and incapable of handling stress.

Our handgrip muscles weaken, as does our heart muscle. Our body metabolic rate slows down. Bones become more fragile and ligaments become less elastic. Cartilage degenerates, leading to arthritis.

Fighting aging

This is very good news for those who are willing to take the steps necessary to improve their health. The majority of our health problems can be fought with regular exercise [anti aging exercises].

Strength training routine can fight the loss in muscles. Ligaments stay flexible if an individual takes part in regular stretching.

Very light aerobic exercise can go a long way towards keeping us very fit. Also, regular exercise makes it possible to maintain better bodily response time and an efficient use of oxygen.

Much research has been done on primates and rodents as to the effects of calorie restriction.

Studies have found that animals that have their calories dramatically reduced have much longer life spans. Recommended calorie intake is 1,800 to 2,200 calories per day.

Experts state that this loss in weight should not lead to lightheadedness or weakness. Instead, reduced calorie intake should happen in such a way that the dieter actually feels good. To supplement the loss of nutrients, dieters should take supplements.

Ways to stay motivated to stay young

In many cases, age is all about attitude. Develop the right attitude and you can potentially live forever. Stop watching TV and find a cause to care about. Develop a sense of humor.

Become a positive role model for others. Finally, if you truly want to feel better, take good care of your skin. Use healthy anti-aging skin products. If you can do away with the wrinkles and stretched skin, you will look young on the outside [Wrinkle free skin].

By looking young on the outside, you will find it much easier to feel young on the inside. Motivation is everything when you want to stay and feel young.