U.S. Army Says Traditional Flu Injection Most Effective

A research conducted by the U.S. Army found that amongst the two types of vaccine, the traditional flu injection and the more recent nasal spray flu vaccine, the former was overall more effective.

However army officials do not feel free to recommend this to the public, as the test was conducted on military personnel who are normally in better condition than the general public.

However these findings could be helpful for any future vaccine research.

The army researchers compared the effects the two vaccines had on the outcome of flu, as well as adults that were not vaccinated at all. The people who received the vaccine were all in perfect health and under fifty, and were checked for consequent pneumonia or influenza outbreaks.

It was found that those who had received the vaccination injection suffered less cases of pneumonia or influenza outbreaks compared to those who had received the nasal spray vaccine. Those who had received no type of vaccination were the most likely to suffer from pneumonia or influenza troubles.

The results of the research thus confirmed that although the effects of the nasal spray vaccine are similar to the injection, the flu shot was more efficient in protecting from consequences of influenza and pneumonia.