US AIDS Rate Now Higher Than The “Third World”

A soon to be published report will show that rates of HIV positive individuals is even higher in the US than in third world countries.

The 1% threshold that is used as an indicator to warn state officials of an imminent severe epidemic has been crossed three times over.

Statistically that 3% represents nearly 3000 people per hundred thousand over twelve years of age who have the AIDS virus.

Shannon L. Hader, who is the director of the HIV/AIDS Administration is gravely concerned with the situation and is comparing it to San Francisco in 1990’s when the rate of HIV victims was an alarming 4% of the population.

Obviously American citizens’ approach to HIV infection has become complacent, with 3 out of 10 people admitting that they do not bother with the use of condoms. Multiple sexual partners, for all orientations are becoming the norm and drug users who inject are on the increase.

The finding of the report funded by the CDC will show a 22 per cent increase in cases since 2006. Black men are the highest number of people affected by HIV virus and the increase has been seen in the older age group of 40 and 49 year olds.

Alarms bells are being rung by Hader and his colleagues reminding the country what a devastating toll HIV can have on the health care system as well as people’s lives.

The George Washington University School of Health & Health service who carried out the research is also releasing the results of a study on heterosexuals.