Treatment Options For Acoustic Neuroma

Acoustic Neuroma refers to development of tumor or swelling on the nerve that connect to the ears and brain.

This particular tumor usually grows gradually and as it grows it presses against the hearing and balancing nerves in the victim’s brain.

Symptoms of Acoustic Neuroma include loss of hearing, facial numbness, loss of balance and ringing in the affected ear.

In very rare cases, this particular tumor that grows on the nerves may grow large enough to compress the brainstem and consequently leads to life threatening health issue.

Treatment for Acoustic Neuroma usually depends on several factors such as size and position of the tumor and also general health conditions. Your doctor may choose any of these 3 treatment options.

  1. If you have a comparatively small tumor on the connecting nerves that has stopped its growth or growing gradually, then initially your doctor may choose to monitor it keenly, especially if you are an older adult.
  2. Acoustic Neuroma is also treated using stereotactic radiosurgery that enables your doctor to deliver radiation accurately to a tumor instead of making an incision. The main idea behind radiosurgery is to halt the growth of the tumor.
  3. Surgery is seriously recommended to eliminate tumors in order to preserve facial nerve and hearing and to prevent facial paralysis as well.