Red Meat Can Lead To Cancer And Heart Disease

A recent study carried out by the US National Cancer Institute has discovered that people who eat more red and processed meat face a greater risk from cancer and heart disease.

The research was done on more than half a million individuals and concluded that white meat eaters had a reduced risk of death.

Some people studied were eating as much as a daily six ounce steak and those at the lower end of the red meat intake were consuming only 25 grams per day.

It was calculated that between 10 to 15 percent of deaths could be prevented if the big processed meat eaters changed to white. There is already a growing amount of evidence pointing to the risks of a high saturated fat diet, of which red meat is a big source.

Researchers further discovered that meat cooked at high temperatures such as frying, formed more cancer causing components than alternative cooking methods.

UK research in this area has already displayed that cutting down on these foods can make a big difference and that once the public are aware of the facts they do respond and make significant changes to their daily diets.

Nutrition experts recommend 30 grams of red meat a day because it does contain nutrients that are good for the body. Processed meat has less positive benefits and often contains lots of salt and other preservatives. Eating fresh lean meat is an important part of a person’s diet, so no one needs to give it up completely.