Obama Wants To Give Health Cover To 50 Million Un-Insured

President Barack Obama’s proposed budget is creating fierce debate in the senate. Director Peter Orszag has been testifying that health care reforms are a priority along with massive investment.

These polices are a complete change from the previous Bush administration as are the new approach to energy and education.

The White house budget director made it clear, that health care must be made more efficient. Any changes will have a long term positive effect for the economy and workers.

The figure of $646 billion over the coming decade is what’s required to improve quality and lower the cost of treatments. The eventual aim is to enable nearly 50 million US citizens, who have no health insurance, to avail of adequate medical care.

Senator Gregg and other Republican members are opposed to the measures because they would rather see the national debt reduced. However the democrats squarely put the blame on the previous president, George W Bush and his mismanagement of the economy.

Overcoming the current recession, which is already echoing the depression of the 1930’s, must be seen as a challenge that must be faced in a radical way.

Increasing tax on the affluent members of society is viewed as a reasonable reaction to the latest crisis. The new administration is confident that money can also be reassigned by the updating of health programs already in place.

President Obama and his advisors are trying to change the focus of the forthcoming budget in a way that is progressive and forward thinking.