Marijuana Actually Does Have A Health Risk

Those who smoke marijuana are more likely to develop testicular cancer.

Prior to this discovery, marijuana was known to affect the natural chemical balance of the brain, disrupting the pleasure centers and regulatory systems, and also hinder the ability to learn, remember and adapt quickly to changes.

Marijuana also has physical effects like breathing difficulties, weakening physical abilities, a more rapid heartbeat, blood and breathing rate, a faster aging process, and a higher risk for lung cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

But now, researchers have also found that those who smoke marijuana are more likely to develop testicular cancer.

The increase in the percentage of marijuana users with testicular cancer symptoms is 70%, which is an enormous jump. In America, 8,000 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer a year. Marijuana can also lead to poorer sperm quality in men.

Kicking the habit

If you’re a marijuana abuser and you can’t kick the habit for some reason, consider following one of these steps:

  • Realize that you are addicted and try to understand your addiction. Marijuana is not a physical addiction but a mental addiction, so it should not be difficult to quit marijuana. There are no withdrawal symptoms.
  • Understand what needs smoking marijuana fills.
  • Avoid situations where you usually smoke marijuana. If it’s certain friends, places or moments, try to avoid these.
  • Replace one habit with another. Start running or chew bubblegum. There are also herbal substitutes that are available.
  • Take frequent walks: especially with your family, pet or friends who do not smoke.
  • Engage in deep breathing exercises.
  • Consult your doctor about useful abstinence tips.
  • Use self-talk and even hypnosis. Keep reminding yourself that you can quit. You are in control of your body, not marijuana.
  • Get involved in as many fun activities as possible. Sports and creative activities are the best, but you could even indulge in video games.
  • Get rid of all products that you smoke including marijuana and cigarettes.
  • Listen to advice from your sober friends.
  • Remember the ill effects of marijuana and how you never want to experience them again. Continually develop your will to quit.

How to help friend quit smoking marijuana?

If you have a friend who smokes marijuana, remind your friend that marijuana actually does have harmful effects. Remind your friend of what he or she is really doing when under the influence.

Once your friend decides to quit, remind your friend that he is trying to quit whenever he or she tries to smoke again. Also, try to keep your friend away from situations in which marijuana is typically smoked in your life.