FDA Seeking To Control Diet Supplements As People Suffer Side Effects

There is still no strict control by the U.S. food and Drug Administration as to the side effects that may develop with the consumption of diet supplements; there are no regulations that control these products, while more and more consumers suffer from various troubles associated to these supplements.

More information is necessary to be able to inspect the ingredients present in these supplements and monitor the indiscriminate use the consumers have at the moment.

Consumers should be advised on the correct dosage and elements present in these supplements in order to avoid over dosage and unpleasant side effects.

There are so many different products on the market that it is difficult to recognize their exact effect on our system, and which ones are really necessary.

The fact that these supplements can be obtained without prescriptions, lead people to consume them without knowing if they are in fact good for them.

Many supplements such as minerals, vitamins and herbs are finding their way in drinks and other foods, not only as diet supplements, and are available to all.

There has been a rise in people reporting side effects, confirming the need to regulate these products in order to avoid these troubles.

These supplements are used indiscriminately in consumer food and beverages, for there are no legal restrictions, thus allowing these products to be regularly marketed.

The FDA is trying to gain more authority over these products, but it is no simple task, and although there are many reported cases of side effects, for the moment there is little the agency can do to control the sales.