FDA: Acid Reflux Drugs Have Serious Side Effects

Specific medicines that treat gastro esophageal reflux (acid reflux) produced by Baxter International Inc and other generic drug companies have been declared by the FDA as potentially damaging if taken in large doses and on a long-term basis.

These drugs that are used by more than two million Americans to heal stomach disorders can give some serious side effects, such as tardive dyskinesia, causing spasms of the limbs, rapid eye movements, blinking, tongue protrusion and grimacing.

These drugs contain metoclopramide, which is the substance responsible for these troubles, and the FDA has now put out a warning against the excess use of these drugs, three months being the limit in order to limit the possible disorders.

The older patients run a higher risk of developing side effects from these drugs, notably elderly women. The FDA agency therefore recommends a limited use, which may be extended if the beneficial effects of the medicine are greater than the risk of the side effects themselves.

The Baxter Inc company will be issuing an added warning within the drugs in order to caution the consumers of the added risks they may incur in, although the rare side effects of tardive dyskinesia are already included within the drug’s prescribing instructions.