Beware Of Leg Amputation Associated With Diabetes

Amputation is the most frightening concept that refers to surgical removal of limb(s), often because of uncontrollable infection.

If you have diabetes, it is extremely important for you to understand the link between amputation and diabetes.

How diabetes increases risk of amputation?

Although it might seem like an odd pair, it is a fact that high blood sugar levels can certainly be malicious to the nerves in your feet.

If you ignore the high blood sugar levels in your body, gradually you will lose any feelings in your feet. You could have minor injury in your feet like blister or cuts and you don’t even know it or to be more specific you can’t even feel it at all.

However, if the injury heals on its own then there is nothing to worry. But, if you ignore to treat the injury or remain uncontrollable of your limbs, it may turn to a very severe infection and causes tissue death. Thereby serious nerve damage in your leg may consequently leads to leg amputation.

How to prevent amputation?

If you are seriously concerned about diabetes complications, make a strong determination to manage your blood sugar levels through regular physical activity and healthy eating habits. Subsequently you can put your best to avoid leg amputation.

Follow healthy foot care tips like washing your feet every day, trimming toe nails carefully, etc. Take minor foot injuries seriously and take better care of your feet to prevent any unnecessary complications.