A Quarter Of Americans Cannot Afford To Go To The Doctor

The high cost of health care is causing a significant number of people to not seek treatment.

In the annual poll carried out by the Deloitte Center for Health Studies     24 % of responders admitted that they couldn’t afford to be seen by a doctor.

Most of this number had no medical insurance, while others presumed that the cost would be too high for their tight budget.

Results of the survey, published recently, are particularly worrying because it means more people are slipping through the net and not receiving basic care when facing injury or sickness.

The 2009 Deloitte Survey of Health Care Consumers also highlighted an increasing dissatisfaction with the current national health care system. Over a half of the people, questioned thought that the money spent on health care was wasted.

A staggering 94% deemed the cost of health cost as a major threat to their family’s financial security.

The group surveyed were seen as a national representation of America and responded to an on-line by questionnaire, funded by Deloitte LLP.

It is reaffirming that although unnerved at having to reduce their level of health insurance, people with tight budgets just have no choice.

More and more Americans are choosing to look around the health insurance market place do get the best possible deals for themselves. The economic climate has removed any company loyalty that existed in this sector, which may come as a shock to a lot of providers.

Many groups like Families USA are concerned at the growing trend of families now turning their backs on health care.