Why Facebook And Myspace May Be Bad For Your Health?

An expert, quoted in the journal of the Institute of Biology declared that the lack of actual face-to-face relationships, which are nowadays being substituted by online social exchanges, might lead to health problems in the long run.

These web sites that offer social interchanges, which are meant to enhance our social lives, are in fact leading people to drift away from real social contact.

The fact that people are no longer interacting personally with each other may lead to actual biological disorders. This illusory social interaction could actually modify our gene and artery functions, weaken our immune system, lower our hormone levels and even affect our mental functioning and finally lead to strokes, heart disease, dementia and cancer.

People now prefer Internet exchanges rather than real life contact, and this does not have the same consequence on our bodies.

When people are in physical contact different things occur, most people nowadays no longer know how to act in the presence of others, they no longer recognize and appreciate body language, they are depleted in their social behaviour.

People spend less and less time in face to face social interchanges, and many complain that they cannot find anyone to talk to; this is leading to the isolation of the individual.

This is not a criticism towards technological improvements; it is to warn against implementing a new technology that is doing little to better our lifestyle.