When To Work Out: The Best Time!

Are you the type of individual that follows the same workout schedule all the time?

Were you even aware that working out at certain times of the day can give you better results than other times of the day?

Working out is something that is very important to our health. There are individuals who insist the best time to exercise is the early morning hours. Then there are those who think the best time to work out is during the evening hours.

With all this information how can you truly determine which time of the day is best to exercise? The answer is really quite simple – it varies.

While some individuals can afford to have a strict workout schedule there are others who can only work out when they have available time.

Often times those who are using the gym for their work out routines will go during non-peak hours in order to be able to use all the gym equipment.

However, when it comes to determining the best work out time for your individual needs you need to ask yourself what you want to gain from your workouts.

What you want to accomplish will determine how effective your work out time period is along with your unique and individual body rhythm.

Evening Workouts: How You Can Benefit?

Evenings are the ideal workout time for those who want to build muscle or train for an upcoming event.

If you are going to be doing an explosive workout such as racquetball, kickboxing or other sports then the afternoon time is a better choice.

This is because your body temperature often rises by several degrees during the afternoon hours. When your muscles and connective tissues are warm there is a slight improvement in your ability to perform.

You can still perform these activities in the morning but you will need a longer warm up period(warm up exercises) in order to avoid a greater risk of injury.

Also in the afternoon your body has had fuel for twelve hours which means it has enough glycogen stored in order to perform an effective workout.

Why You Should Exercise In the Morning?

If you are trying to lose weight then exercising in the morning is your best option. At this time your stomach is empty and when you work out or do cardio you will burn more calories because your carbohydrate reserves are nearly empty. As a result your body need to burn fat stores for energy instead of carbohydrates.

However, be aware that many fitness experts recommend against doing exercise when you are running on empty.

Although on the plus side, evidence has proven that those who time a morning workout are more likely to maintain their fitness routines.

The Key to Week Workouts: Planning

No matter when you choose to do your workout it is important that you plan your workout schedule carefully.

You should only do your workouts when you will have plenty of frequent intervals throughout the week. This is more important than doing just one or two hard workouts during the weekend.

Whether you can run the same miles in a single day that you would in three or four days doesn’t matter, the calories you burn will still be the same.

However, when you choose to spread your workouts over a week period you will enjoy other health benefits such as lower blood pressure and glucose levels which can provide long term health benefits.

When you exercise regularly throughout the week you will also be able to suppress your appetite which is important for those who are trying to achieve fitness or weight loss goals.