Stress Busters For Children To Get Good Night Sleep

Is your child suffering from sleep problems due to stress and tensions?

If you ever wonder how children can experience stress and tensions, it is very important for you to realize that kids even as old as 3 years also experience stress.

Regardless of the reason for the stress, find out the different ways to eliminate stress during bed time and provide them with a good night sleep.

Ways to relive stress in kids during bedtime

  • Maintain consistent bed time routines for your kids. Keep reminding your kids to follow their usual bedtime rituals and help them in maintaining consistent bed time routine.
  • If you notice that your child is struggling to keep her mind peace by cutting unnecessary thoughts, tell her to write down her thoughts and tensions on a piece of paper, if not thoughts, at least tell her to write down what’s going on in her mind. This way she can relieve burden from her mind at night and get good sleep.
  • Once your child is in her bed, ask her to concentrate on a particular part of her body at a time to relax. For instance, you can suggest her to stretch her toe on her right foot and allow it to relax. Similarly, encourage her to practice with the different parts of her body like neck and face.
  • Teach your child the correct way to practice conscious breathing to relax themselves, so that they can practice anywhere including at bedtime when they are struggling with anxiety or stress.