National Wear Red Day Draws Attention To Women’s Health

Today is National Wear Red Day not just for people, even the Empire State Building will have a red glow.

The day is intended to draw attention to the American Heart Association’s Go Red Day.

This is now the sixth year that the event has been held across the United States in order to provoke women’s attention towards the possibility of female heart attacks.

Across the US, the leading cause of death in women aged over 25 is not smoking or breast cancer or even road traffic accidents, most women die of heart attacks.

The idea is similar to the one intended to draw attention to AIDS awareness where people pin on a small red folded ribbon on their chest. According to the American Heart Association, they are attempting to provoke conversation amongst women about changing to a more healthy way of living, which will benefit their heart in the long term.

They want women to become more aware of the importance of exercising and correct diet in order to keep their hearts healthy. The day is also intended to pinpoint the need for every woman to go to her physician or a heart checkup once a year, in a similar way in which they visit well woman clinics.