A Universal Flu Vaccine Might Soon Be Developed

Influenza is a microbe that makes millions sick as early as October and as late as the end of May.

Yearly vaccinations can prevent influenza.

Each vaccine has three viruses which frequently change due to influenza’s ability to genetically mutate.

Whether or not a flue shot works depends on if the flu shot is compatible with the flu that infects the individual. Thus, flu shots can be useless when the wrong flu shot is used.

Fortunately, researchers are developing a new universal vaccine that fights most types of influenza. This vaccine might even be able to fight influenza that mutates.

This is because this vaccine attacks proteins, which do not usually mutate along with the virus. This vaccine aids the immune system in effectively fighting the virus.

This vaccine has successfully been tested on mice and will soon be tested on volunteers.

How does the flu vaccine work?

There are many local clinics that offer flu vaccine for a fee. Also, since flu vaccines are in such high demand, some schools and other community organizations host flu vaccines.

These flu vaccines are delivered through a shot or a nasal spray. The flu shot is expected to work in two weeks. The best time to get a flu shot is between November and April.

Should my family get a flu shot?

There have been some reports of vaccine contamination, but vaccines are generally safe. In some cases, flu vaccines are highly recommended.

Premature children, children with asthma, heart problems, chronic disease, adults with diabetes, kidney disease, severe anemia, or immune deficiency, pregnant women, those 50 or older, public safety workers, caregivers and those planning on traveling should all get flu shots.

However, anyone with a fever or an allergy to flu vaccines should not get vaccinated. Also, infants under 6 months old should not get vaccinated.

Alternatives to flu vaccination

Unfortunately, there are times when flu vaccinations are in shortage. Luckily, there are ways to increase your resistance to influenza.

The best step to avoiding the flu is to maximize your health and immune system by getting plenty of rest, nutrition and exercise.

Keep your house very clean and also avoid stress. In addition to keeping your health high, you can also fight influenza by taking elderberry syrup. Israeli tests have shown that patients who take elderberry syrup recover from the flu in 3 or less days.

If you do get the flu, be sure to get plenty of rest and fluids. There are times when you can recover from the flu in one day if you take care of yourself well enough.

Head to the local pharmacy and get some Vitamin C and zinc tablets. Actual studies have shown that patients recover faster when taking Vitamin C and zinc tablets regularly.