3 Main Reasons For Heel Pain

Heel pain is the most common health concern for many adults and there are many different causes behind unbearable heel pain.

Once you have succeeded in identifying the main cause for heel pain, you can easily choose the right treatment for relief.

So, here are few main causes for heel pain.

  • Plantar Fasciitis: This is the most common foot condition that results in heel pain. It is mainly caused due to infection or inflammation of tight tissue of arch of your foot. When you are suffering with plantar fasciitis, you can experience heel pain after prolonged standing or walking.
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome: Similar to carpal tunnel syndrome of hand, the large nerve present in the back of your foot becomes pinched and results in tarsal tunnel syndrome. When you have tarsal tunnel syndrome, you can experience tingling sensation, numbness and pain at the back of your foot and heels.
  • Heel spur: If you have any previous episodes of plantar fasciitis, then you can possibly get heel spurs. More often middle aged adults are diagnosed with heel spurs. It is not thought to be the main cause for heel pain, rather it is mostly associated with plantar fasciitis and any unhealed inflammation in foot like plantar fasciitis can result in heel spurs.