Sleep Problems Associated With Stress

Almost everyone is aware of the fact that sleep is most important health resource that helps to stay healthy and mentally fit at all times.

But, do you know stress is the most important factor for not getting enough night sleep?

Unfortunately many people fail to get good night sleep everyday due to various reasons.

Studies have shown that almost 50% of total population lack enough sleep due to stress.

Even if you have the same problem of not getting enough sleep due to stress, first of all you have to understand the problem from its root.

How stress affects sleep?

Stress significantly has serious effect on your routine sleep and leads to serious sleep problems. Here are certain most important sleep problems that can trigger due to stress.

Day time sleepiness: When you lack quality night sleep, it is quite obvious for you to experience extreme sleepiness in day time (narcolepsy). To overcome this problem, you can take small naps in between your work to feel refreshed.

Insomnia: This is one of the most serious sleep problems that can occur due to stress. If you fail to overcome insomnia in early stages, it can turn into chronic sleep disorder for you.

Nightmares: If you’ve come across long periods of stress in your routine life, occurrence of nightmares is quite obvious. As a result, you can suffer with lack of quality night sleep.