Reasons For Sleep Problems In Women

Do you know women are more prone to sleep problems than men? Being a woman, you can experience various changes in your health throughout your life.

As a result, you can expect various disturbances in your normal life style, including sleep disturbances.

If you are wondering why you can get sleep problems, here are few reasons.

  1. Change in hormone levels
  2. During regular menstrual cycle, change in hormone levels or hormone imbalances can take place. These changes in hormone level have significant effect on your sleep.

  3. Decrease in estrogen levels
  4. Do you know almost 2/3rd of menopausal women have sleep problems? During menopause there will be reduction of estrogen levels in your body and because of decrease in estrogen levels, you can suffer with hot flashes that disturb your sleep.

  5. Anxiety and depression
  6. In today’s society, many women are victims to anxiety and depression due to various reasons when compared with men. When you are in depression, you can get many health problems including sleep disturbances.

  7. Everyday stress
  8. Being a woman you have to accomplish various responsibilities as a mother, wife, and caregiver for your parents at home and also as a worker at workplace. So, when you are stressed out, you’ll obviously struggle with sleep.