Prevent Lymphedema Risk After Breast Cancer Surgery

Are you at risk of developing lymphedema? People who have had surgery for any type of cancer including breast cancer surgery are at high risk of developing lymphedema.

Here are few essential measures that you have to follow to help prevent lymphedema.

Helpful measures to reduce the Lymphedema risk

  1. Ensure that you maintain proper nutrition that is balanced and include all essential vitamins. Good nutrition is very important in reducing risk of any kind of health condition including lymphedema. Reduce intake of foods high in fat and salt content.
  2. Protect arms and legs from injuries with regular exercises. Particularly, you should take care to avoid injury to affected limb.
  3. Infections that are caused due to cuts and crapes can trigger lymphedema, so protect yourself from harmful sharp objects and ensure that you wear gloves while cooking or doing other work in garden.
  4. Improve cardiovascular fitness by practicing aerobic activities like walking, swimming for at least 20 minutes for 3 days in a week. Never continue any exercises that can cause severe pain to affected limb.
  5. Avoid wearing tight clothes and other accessories like shoes and jewelry that could constrict free moment of your arm.
  6. Always keep your arms and legs clean. Identify any signs of infections in initial stages and get immediate medical attention to prevent further complications.