One Minutes Exercise A Day Could Avoid Diabetes

According to new research performed by scientists based at Heriot Watt University, a very small amount of exercise can reduce the average person’s risk of contracting the debilitating and dangerous disease diabetes.

Across the world, over-eating and obesity are causing an explosion of type 2 diabetes. But according to the university’s Professor James Timmons, a tiny amount of exercise will drastically reduce a person’s chances of acquiring diabetes.

In fact his research points to as little as one minute a day or seven minutes each week of good physical exercise being enough to significantly reduce the risk. He says that just a minute a day of very hard muscle exercise will dramatically increase the body’s metabolic rate and the effects can be seen in as little as two weeks.

Poor metabolism has been proved to be a decisive factor in both cardiovascular disease and diabetes. He sees this kind of exercise as useful for not just young people but even those at risk in middle age.

According to the professor even those little amount of exercise dramatically affects the efficiency of natural insulin production within the body which in turn pushes out excess glucose, a major contributing factor to diabetes.