Link Between Leg Pain And Heart Attack

Do you know that arteriosclerosis leads to leg pain? When it comes to arteriosclerosis, most of you would think about heart attack and stroke.

But, usually the same disease which causes buildup of plaque in arteries impairs blood circulation in legs and kidneys as well.

How arteriosclerosis is related to leg pain?

Arteriosclerosis develops gradually and most of the times it goes undiagnosed or left untreated. Most of the people who suffer with arteriosclerosis think it may be something else which is a less serious health concern.

When arteriosclerosis in your arteries affects arms and legs, you can experience symptoms of peripheral arterial disease like leg pain while walking. Many times, the symptoms associated with arteriosclerosis are rarely identified until the condition reaches 70% of advanced stage.

So, it is always recommended to pay immediate attention to early symptoms of arteriosclerosis that causes inadequate blood flow. Some of the most common symptoms include chest pain and leg pain. Early diagnosis and right treatment can help to stop worsening of the condition.

How to reduce leg pain (numbness)?

Even though it may seem tough, the best way to reduce leg pain is to practice exercises (leg exercises). Walk till the pain becomes severe and then take rest until the pain reduces. Practice this type of exercise for 30 minutes and for at least 3 days in a week.

When exercises don’t work for you, you can consult doctor and take instant relief medications to get better relief. In extreme condition, your doctor may also recommend surgery.