Link Between Estrogen Level And Heart Disease In Women

Estrogen is one of most important female sex hormone that plays a vital role from puberty to post menopause stages.

Other than playing a vital role in women’s reproductive cycle, many body organ systems including cardiovascular systems and brain are affected by estrogen levels in your body.

Estrogen level and heart disease

Estrogen level is very much responsible for risk of heart diseases in females. When your body is producing enough estrogen level, your risk of having heart disease and stroke is much lower than others with decreased estrogen levels. It mainly helps to reduce cholesterol levels in your body by regulating cholesterol production by liver.

Many clinical studies have shown that menopausal women who use estrogen medications are at low risk of developing heart diseases.

It is believed that the ability of estrogen to maintain healthy levels of HDL and LDL levels is mainly helpful to reduce risk for women dying due to heart attack.

Improving estrogen levels

As already said estrogens are very important for women and you have to take proper care to improve it in all possible ways.

Nutritional food with high contents of calcium and minerals is very helpful. Even soy food is also helpful to maintain good levels of estrogen in your body.

Don’t forget to take fresh fruit and vegetable juices every day. Get into a healthy exercise routine and take necessary suggestions from your personal health care provider to improve estrogen levels in your body and avoid further health complications.