How Diabetes Affects Your Dental Health?

Do you know how diabetes can affect your dental health? Gum disease is very rarely identified complication associated with diabetes.

It is estimated that almost 3% of all diabetics can suffer with periodontitis at some stage of their disease.

How gum disease is related to diabetes?

Not only in seniors, even in younger individuals, if diabetes is poorly managed, it can lead to gum disease.

Do you know children aged 6 years who have diabetes are also diagnosed with periodontal disease? So, there is no age restriction for periodontal disease to take place.

When your body is suffering with high blood sugar levels, the basic structure of blood vessels gets altered.

This change in structure of blood vessel will have significant effect on blood flow to various parts of your body including bones and gums, leaving them more probable to inflammations and infections.

So, when you fail to manage your diabetes strictly, the sugar or glucose levels in fluids of mouth increase and consequently encourage growth of disease causing bacteria in mouth. As a result, you may suffer with periodontal disease or gum disease.

How to treat gum disease in diabetics?

Treatment for gum disease in diabetics is similar to regular treatment for periodontal disease in non diabetic sufferers.

Some of the treatment options for gum disease include medications, removal of plaque, dental implants and in extreme cases surgery is also recommended.