Credit Crunch Will Become Health Crunch

We have all been very aware of the worldwide credit crunch and global financial disasters that have blighted the world’s economies for the last two years.

But now the WHO, World Health Organization, is saying that many countries will have a new public health crisis that will be a direct result of world financial problems.

According to the director general of the WHO Margaret Chan the main effect of the financial crisis in many countries will be health related not jobs or new car sales.

They envisage that unemployment, stress, lack of government funding, and major cutbacks in health care will affect the standard of health of many millions across the world.

They are envisaging a back-pedaling on the worldwide achievements in improving health care for the average world citizen. According to Chan, this financial crisis could not have come at a worse time.

Just as the world was managing to get a grip of some of the major causes of ill-health and death around the world, finances may be cut back or even stop altogether in many important world health programs.

They feel that developed nations will be continuing to seek cutbacks in spending and domestic health care will be one area that will face a cash reduction. And developed countries will become far less inclined towards sending funds abroad to assist under developed nations in their health care programs.