Common Causes For Bad Breath In Children

Does your child’s mouth smells bad while talking?

Bad breath in children can make you worry at times because most of you think that bad breath can trigger only in adults.

But, this is wrong perception regarding bad breath. Not only for adults, there are few most common triggers of bad breath for children, particularly toddlers.

Thumb sucking

Thumb sucking is most common habit and favorite activity of every toddler, which can in turn trigger bad breath.

Thumb sucking mainly dry out the mouth of the child and creates suitable environment for the growth of odor causing bacteria.

Poor dental hygiene

No matter whatever may be the age of an individual, good dental hygiene is very important for every one. Poor dental hygiene triggers bad breath both for children and adults as well.

Childhood disease

At times because of childhood disease your little one can experience bad breath or halitosis. Most of baby health experts believe that childhood disease is closely related to bad breath, because of which your child can exhibit sweetish bad breath. But, be careful, even extremely sweet breath can imply serious illness (Ketoacidosis) in your little one.

Lack of fluids or dehydration

Lack of enough body fluids or dehydration also causes bad breath for your child, particularly during warm weather conditions.

Apart from these, at times, allergies, throat infections, eating pungent or bad smelling foods are also responsible for bad breath in children.