5 Steps To Prevent Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is not any particular illness or disease; rather it is physical condition that mainly affects normal functioning of the brain.

It can take place before or during childbirth.

As the main cause for cerebral palsy is still unknown, there is no perfect way to prevent it.

However, if you are pregnant, here are few helpful measures that can hopefully help your unborn baby to prevent cerebral palsy:

  1. Ensure that you maintain healthy diet in your pregnancy and if you have any other untreated health condition, make sure that you manage it properly.
  2. Measles during pregnancy or early stages in life can trigger cerebral palsy. So, ensure that you take necessary immunizations during pregnancy to avoid complications for your baby.
  3. Even premature delivery can trigger cerebral palsy, so make sure that you avoid all those triggers of premature delivery like smoking, alcohol, improper diet, etc.
  4. Get prenatal checkup for the Rh factor during pregnancy, which is extremely important to prevent unexpected brain damage and complications like cerebral palsy. Rh incompatibility can be easily treated if undentified in the early stages.
  5. After childbirth, routine vaccinations for your baby can help you prevent serious infections and health concerns like meningitis that can possibly lead to cerebral palsy.