Natural Relief For Cough

Are you seriously worried about cough? Coughing not only annoys you, but also makes others surrounding you disturbed.

Whether it is due to your allergies, cold or other health issues, relief from cough is very important to make yourself comfortable.

How can you get relief naturally?

If you have wet cough, you don’t need to take care of it because it is mucus cleansing process of your body. But if you have dry cough, it can be really frustrating problem for you.

  1. At night, rub bottom of your feet with menthol creams and cover it with socks. You can also generously rub your neck and chest as well to get some relief from cough.
  2. Mix equal amount of water and lemon juice and make a consistent lemon solution. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to it and drink the syrup twice in a day.
  3. Inhale essence of few essential oils like eucalyptus, cedar wood, black pepper, peppermint or rosemary quite few times in a day.
  4. Avoid eating spicy hot foods, sweets, dairy products and also limit alcohol intake.
  5. If you have trouble sleeping at night with cough, try taking steam. If you add few drops of essential oil or menthol cream to your steam, the effect will be good.

You may not get immediate relief with these natural remedies, but severity of the condition will be reduced.