Learn About Long Term Effects Of Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia nervosa, if left untreated or ignored, can cause a host of life threatening and serious health complications.

It affects your nervous system and if persists for longer periods, it can cause damage to almost all organs of your body.

Be aware with these specific health complications linked with bulimia nervosa.

Long term effects of bulimia nervosa

  1. Mineral depletion: When you have bulimia nervosa, there is a chance for most of the essential minerals to release out from your body, which can result in mineral depletion. As a result of mineral depletion, few important organs of your body like heart, skin and bones will suffer.
  2. Electrolyte disturbance: Because of mineral depletion, electrolyte disturbance can take place. This is the most serious complication linked with bulimia nervosa that can trigger cardiac arrest. When there is a problem in normal functioning of heart, obviously it becomes difficult for the sufferer to survive.
  3. Erosions of throat and esophagus: In bulimia nervosa, the digestive system of the body is also affected very badly. With excess vomiting and emptying of stomach, the gastric acid present in stomach come out and results in erosion of throat and esophagus.
  4. Kidney damage: This is the most common long term effect of bulimia nervosa. When a person is suffering with constant mineral imbalance in body, it will have definite effect on normal kidney functioning.

Apart from these, depression, suicidal tendencies, alcohol and drug abuse and self injury behaviors are also consequences linked with bulimia nervosa.