Is It Safe To Undergo Cardiac Stress Testing?

Cardiac stress test, also called as treadmill test, is done by your health care provider to test the functioning of your heart.

Cardiac stress testing can help your doctor to identify the abnormalities of your heart and helps to prevent serious heart problems.

However, there are few risks associated with cardiac stress testing, which you should essentially be conscious of.

Risks associated with cardiac stress testing

Low blood pressure: As you have to workout hard while giving the test, you can possibly feel dizzy or faint after cardiac testing. But, there is no need for you to worry because usually this will go away once your heart stops working hard.

Cancer: This is a long-term risk associated with cardiac stress testing. Exposure to radio tracers during the test can raise your risk to develop cancer. Even though the chances are very less to cause cancer, it is suggested to be aware of it.

Irregular heart beat: As already said you have to work hard while giving cardiac stress testing, often there is possibility for you to face irregular heartbeat. However, if this condition persists for longer time, immediately consult your doctor for right treatment at right time.

Apart from these, if you are unable to workout properly while undergoing cardiac stress testing, your doctor prescribes few medicines to stimulate your ability to workout.

Very rarely you can experience discomfort while getting medicines and also there is slight risk of heart attack. But, there is no need to worry. These are very rare cases and all the side effects usually disappear within few days after test.