How To Take Care Of Spider Veins At Home?

Spider and varicose veins can occur anywhere in the body, but they usually occur in the lower legs and feet.

They cause mild irritation to severe pain. It would therefore be beneficial for you to seek the right treatment at the right time to avoid further complications.

Fortunately, treatment for spider veins doesn’t mean a hospital stay or a long recovery time. Your doctor may suggest less invasive techniques for spider vein treatment.

Apart from following routine treatment, you need to follow certain simple self-care measures.

Self care measures for spider veins

  1. Practice regular exercise: In order to promote healthy circulation in your legs and also to get rid of spider veins, regular exercise is very important.
  2. Wear loose clothes: Spider veins are mainly caused by excess pressure in particular areas of your body. If you wear tight clothes, it certainly aggravates the condition. It is advisable to wear loose clothes.
  3. Maintain healthy weight: Extra weight puts more pressure on your legs and makes healthy blood circulation harder for your body. This can cause most severe forms of spider vein. Try to maintain a healthy weight that will keep you healthy and fit forever.