Facts About Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Even though ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a neurodevelopment disorder, it is not possible to identify the early onset of the ADHD symptoms.

This is because of the reason that there is no specific test to identify ADHD at any age, including infancy.

However, to get right treatment for your ADHD child, it is very essential to understand the condition well.

Every one has their own perceptions of attention deficit disorder that replete with various myths and misconceptions. So, here are few facts about ADHD, which are very essential for you to understand.

ADHD is a real disorder

Most people often think that there is no such condition called attention deficit disorder. But, according to national institutes of health, the surgeon general of US, ADHD is a valid disorder and virtually has negative impact on your child’s life long consequences.

ADHD is not caused by bad parenting

Don’t blame yourself that you are parenting your child in wrong way and as a result your child is suffering with ADHD.

The way of your parenting does have certain impact on your child’s behavior. Try to explore healthy parenting techniques to take care of your ADHD child.

ADHD can affect both boys and girls

Even though the rate of ADHD is high in boys, girls can also experience ADHD. However, gender makes no difference for ADHD. So, be aware with it and get right treatment for your child at right time.

ADHD medication doesn’t lead to drug abuse

Most people think that ADHD medication can lead their children to drug abuse. But, it is not actually true. In reality, it is just opposite.

If you leave your child to give right ADHD treatment, there is risk that your child gets addicted to drugs (drug addiction). It has been proven that ADHD medications are safe and effective at easing the symptoms of ADHD.

ADHD needs right medical attention

If you think your child can outgrow with their ADHD behavior, then it is very essential for you to know that ADHD needs right medical attention.

It has been estimated that more than 70% of children with ADHD condition continue to have it up to their adolescence and almost 50% can have it in their adulthood too. So, don’t ignore ADHD in your child to give them quality life.