5 Ways To Get Better Relief From Night Time Heartburn

Are you waking up with chronic cough and bitter taste in mouth? If you are experiencing these symptoms of night time heartburn, you need effective relief.

Here are few helpful ways to get better relief from night time heartburn.

  1. Limit acidic foods in your regular diet including tomatoes, grape fruits, vinegar, oranges to prevent heartburn.
  2. Avoid greasy foods such as cheese sandwich or cheese burger, fried foods that can possibly trigger heartburn. Instead you can enjoy non-fatty foods and lean meats.
  3. At night, elevate the head of your bed or you can rise your torso higher than your stomach by using wedge shaped pillow to prevent severe heartburn symptoms during nights.
  4. If you have smoking habit, it is highly recommended to quit smoking. However, it is not possible to quit smoking habit immediately, so, at least avoid smoking, particularly during or before your meal.
  5. Limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol not only increases the production of acids in your stomach, but also aggravates heartburn symptoms.