Angina Pectoris Causes Sudden Deaths

Experiencing any discomfort or pain in middle of your chest, left shoulder or arm? Immediately consult your doctor, as it may be angina pectoris.

Chest pain is a symptom shared by many different health conditions. It needs immediate medical attention when it is angina pectoris, heart attack or tearing of aorta.

Angina pectoris, referred to temporary discomfort in your chest, is caused by insufficient blood flow to your heart. When your heart doesn’t receive enough blood, it can no longer function at its full capacity. As a result, you will experience temporary pain and discomfort in your chest.

Warning to the elderly

This kind of temporary discomfort in the chest is usually experienced in extremely cold conditions, or while having a heavy meal. Extreme stress and exercise are also often responsible for causing discomfort in the chest.

That’s why it is difficult to identify the symptoms of angina pectoris in elderly patients, if they suffer from back or shoulder pain or abdominal pain after eating. Once the trigger factors stop, the pain tends to disappear quickly, usually within 10 minutes.

Ways to reduce risk of angina pectoris

Maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid angina, heart attack or heart disease. Here are few ways to reduce your risks of heart problems including angina:

  1. Quit smoking: Using nicotine in any form is quite dangerous for your heart, as it causes various other health complications. Try not to smoke or avoid nicotine entirely.
  2. Keep your blood pressure under control: High blood pressure is very dangerous for your heart. Once you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, explore different ways to control it and reduce heart risks associated with it.
  3. Control diabetes: If you have diabetes, you probably have a better knowledge about the health complications associated with the disease. If you really want to avoid all those life-threatening health risks including heart diseases, keep your blood sugar levels under control.
  4. Exercise: Exercise is extremely important and is highly recommended to reduce various health risks (cardiovascular fitness). But be careful if you have any heart problems. If you exercise strenuously, you should cut back to avoid the symptoms of angina.

Follow these effective ways and consult your doctor regularly and follow his advice to reduce symptoms of angina pectoris.