Trichomoniasis: Most Common Vaginal Infection In Women!

Are you taking necessary precautions to avoid vaginal infections? As a woman, it is very important for you take proper hygiene and better care for your vaginal regions, as they are very crucial in better reproductive health.

Improper hygiene mainly leads to various vaginal infections. Trichomoniasis is one among the most common vaginal infection that takes place in women.

Not only women, even men can get urethral infections because of trichomonas vaginalis, parasite responsible for trichomoniasis. But, it is very rare in men compared to women.

Trichomoniasis is usually passed sexually and also spreads from damp cloths, wash towels and bathing suits used by infected person. But, don’t worry; trichomoniasis is perfectly curable infection, once if you identify it.

Trichomoniasis symptoms that goes undiagnosed!

The symptoms of trichomoniasis usually appear after 4 days of your sexual intercourse with the infected partner. More often, this kind of vaginal infection disappear without hurting you and you can’t even know that you had an infection.

But, if the infection persists, you can experience abnormal and frothy vaginal discharge ranging in color from gray to green and yellow with a watery milky consistency.

You can also sense the foul odor from the discharge. Itching and tenderness in or around your vagina would be quite common for you when you have this kind of vaginal infection.

When you experience pain during sex and urination and also bleeding after sexual intercourse, you have to consult your doctor immediately. These kinds of symptoms mainly take place when your vaginal areas are infected with harmful microorganisms.

More often, men do not have any symptoms of infections and usually they don’t realize that they have infection, until their partners seek treatment for vaginal infections.

Untreated trichomoniasis is dangerous for pregnant women!

When you are pregnant, it is very essential for you to take proper care of yourself and also for your baby. During pregnancy, you are more prone to develop various vaginal infections including trichomoniasis.

If you ignore to seek proper medical assistance for your infections, it can mainly cause premature rupture of protective membranes of developing baby in your womb.

The genital inflammation caused by trichomoniasis also increases your risk of acquiring HIV infections, if at all you are exposed to human papilloma virus.

So, if you really want to avoid all such undesirable health conditions, it is very essential for you to identify it in early stages and get right treatment at right time.

Necessary precautions to help you!

If you are really concerned about your health, you have to essentially consider necessary precautions to reduce your risk of infection. Certain helpful precautions that are highly recommended by doctor mainly include:

  1. Limit your number of sexual partners.
  2. If you think you are infected, avoid sexual contacts and get right treatment at right time.
  3. Practice safe sex by taking all preventive measures.
  4. Don’t share things such as swim suits, towels with other persons.

If you follow these preventive steps, you can certainly reduce your infection risks.