Natural Remedies To Reduce The Occurrence Of Acidosis!

When there is an increase in acid content in your body, it overwhelms the body’s pH buffering system.

As a result your body fluids like blood and urine becomes acidic and leads to acidosis.

When there is a drop in pH levels in blood, the essential parts of brain that regulate breathing are stimulated to produce faster and deep breathing mechanism that possibly increases the amount of carbon-dioxide exhaled by your body.

Even, kidneys try to compensate these excess levels of pH in blood by excreting more acid in urine.

However, these two conditions can be overwhelmed, if your body continues to produce too much acid that leads to severe acidosis and eventually you can experience coma.

Foods that can cause acidosis!

There are certain foods that can potentially make you to experience acidosis. Some of these foods can include, fish, pepper, coffee, tea, mustard, baking powder, vinegar, spices and also alcohol.

If you use excess salt, then reduce it to prevent acidosis. Soda, jellies, candies, preserved foods, pastries, fast food, candies, pancakes and also hot breads are some foods that you must avoid, if you have excess levels of acid in your body fluids.

Eating at late nights, fried foods, unhealthy eating, improperly cooked foods, poorly baked foods and also foods that are too hot or too cold certainly increases the pH levels in your body and leads to acidosis.

Patients with mild metabolic acidosis usually don’t have any symptoms, but can possibly experience nausea, fatigue and vomiting.

When acidosis worsens, you can feel extremely drowsy and weak. Eventually, your blood pressure can fall that leads to shock, coma and also death.

Natural remedies for acidosis!

If you think you are having acidosis and if this excessive acid condition often gets you in trouble, then these natural remedies can greatly help you to treat acidosis in better way.

  1. Soya bean products are the excellent remedies. A diet that includes soya bean milk or buttermilk can help you much better to treat the condition of acidosis. When you have severe problem, the above mentioned diet along with orange juice would be excellent option for you.
  2. Sodium and magnesium foods such as apples, cherries, strawberries, beets, oranges must be included in your regular diet. Coconut, spinach, figs, string beans, okra and also cucumber are best sources of sodium and magnesium sources. So, you can include any of these in your normal diet to get better relief.
  3. Eat as many raw, fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Raw fruits and vegetables are good alkaline forming foods and have high concentrations of vitamins and minerals and all essential nutrients to supply for your body.

Apart from these, it is always advised to drink lots of water that will naturally neutralize the acid content in your body fluids to prevent acidosis.