Know More About Breast Cancer Fighting Foods!

How many breast-cancer fighting foods do you know? Many foods that are found in our grocery or organic stores contain cancer-fighting properties.

So, if you want to reduce your signs of cancer, know more about these breast-cancer fighting foods.


When you have breast cancer, you’ll experience higher levels of estrogen in your body. These higher levels of estrogen certainly contribute to damage your body cells.

The isoflavones that are found in soybeans can help you to reduce the risks associated with breast cancer and also protect your body cells from the effects of estrogen.


A research done by the experts of university of southern California and national university of Singapore found that eating shellfish or fish every day can certainly reduce the risk of breast cancer.

It was found that almost 26% of post-menopausal women who ate an average of 1.5 to 3 ounces of fish or shellfish every day decreased their risk of developing breast cancer.


Spinach acts as powerful anti-oxidant for your body and it is considered as rich source for beta-carotene and lutein, the most powerful antioxidants.

If you include spinach in your regular diet twice in a week, you can reduce your risk of breast cancer by two times.

Olive oil!

Olive oil is a rich source of mono-unsaturated fats, hydroxytyrosol and also oleuropein. It is usually believed that oleic acid present in olive oil greatly helps you in reducing breast cancer causing protein present in your genes. So, try to use olive oil for preparation of food every day.


Almonds are also very rich sources of mono-unsaturated fats. If you eat almonds or use almonds in your regular food preparations, you can succeed significantly in fighting against breast cancer in your life.


This vegetable is a rich source of sulforaphane, a chemical which greatly helps in destroying the breast cancer causing cells. Therefore, try to include the leaves of this vegetable in your salads and reduce your risk of breast cancer.


Garlic has immune enhancing allium compounds, which increases the activity of your immune system to fight against cancerous cells. These allium compounds mainly blocks carcinogens entering in your body cells and slow down the development of tumor cells.


Many grapefruits such as oranges and other citrus fruits contain anti-oxidant properties that help greatly in reducing the growth of cancer causing cells.

So, try to prefer these fruits in your normal diet or at least you can drink juices of these citrus fruits to stay healthy.

These are certain most effective breast cancer fighting foods that you can include in your normal diet. If you are confirmed that you are at increased risk of developing breast cancer, include these foods in your regular diet and avoid the growth of breast cancer cells in your body.