Behcet’s Disease: Rare Chronic Inflammatory Disorder That Involves Blood Vessels!

Behcet’s disease, also called as behcet’s syndrome is one of the rare health disorders that can cause chronic inflammation in the blood vessels throughout your body.

This inflammation in the blood vessels leads to variety of signs and symptoms that may seem unrelated to the condition.

With behcet’s disease, you can experience stroke, various intestinal complications, blindness and also swelling of spinal cord.

Usually, men and women with 20 to 30 years of age get behcet’s disease. However, children and also older adults can become victims to this chronic inflammatory disease. No one knows the main cause of behcet’s disease.

But, both inherited and also environmental factors such as microbe infections are suspected to be the major factors that contribute to the development of behcet’s disease. It is not a contagious disease.

Even, it is believed that this unusual and rare chronic inflammatory disorder is more frequent and also severe in patients who live in Eastern Mediterranean countries and Asia than those who belong to Eastern descent.

Behcet’s disease affects various organs of your body!

Even though the signs and symptoms of behcet’s disease can vary from one individual to another, it mainly depends on the type of organ that is affected with behcet’s syndrome. Most common body areas that are usually affected with behcet’s syndrome can mainly include:

  • Skin: Some people can develop acne sore on their skin and others can develop red, raised nodules on their skin with this sort of chronic inflammatory condition. Skin problems clear up on their own within 10 to 15 days of their appearance. Eventually, there is chance for these skin lesions to reoccur.
  • Genitals: These are the most common parts of your body that can develop sores because of behcet’s disease. More often you can experience sores on penis or vulva. These sores can appear as round and red ulcerated lesions. Usually, these genital sores can cause great discomfort and pain and leaves scars on the affected areas.
  • Eyes: Uveitis is an eye condition that results from behcet’s syndrome. Patients with uveitis mainly suffer with blurred vision, redness and also pain in one or both eyes. This inflammation in eye usually reappears again and again. This inflammation that mainly involves the blood vessels of your retina is very serious complication of behcet’s syndrome.
  • Mouth: Painful sores in mouth that are identical to canker sore are the most common signs of behcet’s disease. These sores usually begin as raised, round lesions on your gums, tongue, cheeks and also lips. Finally, after a day or two these sores become shallow ulcers with white and yellow covering. In many cases, these sores become more persistent and cause severe pain for you.

So, never ignore to consult your personal health expert or doctor, when you notice any kind of unusual signs and symptoms of behcet’s disease.