Avoid Pyelonephritis By Controlling Frequent Urinary Tract Infections!

Pyelonephritis is the most common and serious urinary tract infection that significantly involves your upper part of the urinary tract and also causes severe inflammation to your kidneys.

If left untreated, this urinary tract infection permanently damages your kidneys [Kidney Damage] or possibly spreads into your blood stream and causes serious life-threatening infection for you.

In general, your kidneys filter unnecessary wastes from your blood and adjust the blood levels of many substances and conserves or excretes the water according to the requirement of your body.

Urine is the main byproduct of this filtration of wastes. From kidneys, urine enters into bladder through ureter tubes.

So, when your bladder stores urine, until you clear your bladder, there is chance for your kidneys to get infection with the bacterium that is present in the urine.

Be aware with the effects of pyelonephritis on your health!

If left untreated, pyelonephritis can potentially lead you to serious health complications such as poisoning of blood or permanent damage to your kidneys.

When your kidneys are damaged, the filtration of wastes from your body suddenly stops and the infectious bacteria present in your body wastes spread throughout your body. As a result, your blood becomes poisonous.

Particularly, people with weak immune system, older adults and young children are at increased risk to experience the serious complication associated with pyelonephritis.

Even, women who have kidney infection (pyelonephritis) during their pregnancy period may have chance to deliver low weight or premature babies.

Consider these necessary steps to avoid kidney infections!

If you really want to reduce your risk of pyelonephritis and other kidney infections, it is very essential for you to follow these necessary steps in your routine life. Particularly women, as you are at increased risk of developing pyelonephritis, consider these necessary guidelines to avoid kidney infections in future.

  • Drink more fluids: If you drink plenty of fluids including water, it can greatly help you in eliminating infectious bacteria from your body through urination process. Especially, cranberry juice has many infection-fighting qualities. However, if you are using any blood thinning medications, then it is not suggested to drink this particular cranberry juice.
  • Never try to control urge to urinate for longtime: As possible as you can, try to urinate frequently, this can prevent the spread of bacteria from bladder to kidneys and prevents various urinary tract infections.
  • Wash your genital areas frequently: After urinating, try to clean your genital regions gently. Never use any harsh soaps or shampoos to clean your genital parts. If you use lukewarm water, then it can become more beneficial for you.
  • Decrease the spread of bacteria during sexual intercourse: Particularly women, it is very essential for you to flush the bacteria present in your bladder. If you have frequent urinary tract infections after intercourse, it would be better for you to use proper medications to prevent pyelonephritis.

Implement these effective ways in your routine life to avoid various life-threatening episodes of pyelonephritis.