Link Between Hormonal Changes In Women And Asthma Symptoms!

Can you imagine estrogen and progesterone, two most important hormones of your body, can lead you to breathing problems? Estrogen and progesterone, these are the two most critical hormones, which play a vital role in a woman’s reproductive cycle.

But, several evidences indicate that these hormones can greatly help in improving the functioning of lung and possibly control your asthma.

How does it happen?

As we already know, asthma is mainly characterized by the inflammation and narrowing of your airways. This inflammation in your lungs mainly results from hyper immunity.

Whenever your body immune system tends to overexcite or stimulate, progesterone starts to suppress your immune system and acts as protective substance against the inflammation of your airways.

In addition to this, estrogen and progesterone, in combination potentially relaxes your bronchial muscles and also reduces the constriction of your lungs.

As progesterone is mainly responsible for relaxing or soothing your uterine muscles, in the same way it also works in relaxing the muscles of your airways.

Hoe does female hormones show its effect on respiratory system?

Many researches have found that these essential female hormones are mainly involved in gradually reducing the symptoms of asthma and also to improve the functioning of the pulmonary organs in women.

More often, in younger females, during their premenstrual and menstrual phases, when the levels of these essential female hormones are lower, most of the asthmatics can suffer with increased asthma attacks due to decrease in their hormone levels.

Who can suffer with increased asthma attacks?

If you’re a premenstrual woman, then you can suffer with most worsening asthma symptoms due to hormone fluctuations in your body.

Particularly, during your menstrual cycle or before your bleeding days, you have to take proper care to control your hormone fluctuations in your body. This is the time, where your estrogen and progesterone levels usually tend to drop.

So, it becomes very necessary for you to take more care during this particular time period.

Even for women who have reached their menopausal stage can possibly experience certain changes in the progesterone and estrogen levels in their body.

As a result, if at all they have any respiratory or asthma problems, then there is a chance for them to experience severe asthma symptoms.

So, try to take appropriate care to maintain consistent levels of hormones in your body. Eat healthy balanced food and practice regular body workouts to maintain better health.