Is Your Child Suffering With ADD/ADHD? Regular Exercise And Enough Rest To Help!

We already know that every child has lot of physical energy.

Young children acquire the energy in spurts and afterwards they need to rest, whereas older children build up the type of constant energy that obtains through soccer and baseball games.

When your children do not get sufficient exercise or rest, their reaction will be irritability and loss of concentration.

So, getting plenty of rest and exercise is essential for every child.

Physical activities for children with ADD/ADHD:

Allow your child to have some un-frustrated and free time to do the tasks that he/she likes to do at any place they like. The activities can be anything like walking with the dog or riding the bike.

Planning for structured activities with your child is a great way. It can be very helpful to plan for structured activities for a child with ADD/ADHD at least once in a week. Structured activities can give an opportunity for your child to move and learn at a time. A team support is beneficial for a child with ADD/ADHD.

Nowadays, most of the children are getting adult diseases like elevated cholesterol levels and diabetes. This is mainly due to insufficient physical activity and also with bad diets. Put restrictions on how much time your child should spend on the entertaining activities like watching TV, playing with computer, etc.

Spending some time with your child in doing some good stuff is very important no matter how big your child is such as roller blading, bicycling, just taking a walk or throwing the ball. These are wonderful physical activities, which give you and your child various health benefits.

Getting enough rest for children with ADD/ADHD:

Every child needs eight hours of sleep every night and if your child is even younger, then he/she needs more than eight hours. Each and every child has his/her own needs, so it is better to talk with your pediatrician to know the right amount of sleep your child needs.

Maintaining standard bedtime routine during the whole year is very essential for young children. There will be some exceptions on special occasions. During that time also following the regular routine is very important. This is very important for children suffering from ADD/ADHD because sticking to the regular routine keeps them stable throughout the day.

During the day also, children need quiet times. Going to the school can be very exhausting for every child and particularly a ADD/ADHD child exhausts additionally because of all the effort he/she needs to use to sit immobile.

Make sure that the child gets at least half an hour during the day to just relax and calm down. During this time, don’t allow your child to sit in front of the computer or television. Leave him/her to do the things like reading, drawing a picture, staring at the ceiling, or sitting under the tree.

These types of situations give your child a chance to forget the frustrations throughout the day and think about something that can be very useful for them.

So, keep these things in mind and make the child with ADD/ADHD to live happily.