Renal Artery Stenosis: Most Significant Factor Responsible For High Blood Pressure!

Did you ever think why are you suffering with diabetes or high blood pressure? There can be a wide range of causes for you to experience high blood pressure or even diabetes.

But, the most common factor, which can increase your risk of high blood pressure and diabetes, is renal artery stenosis.

Renal artery stenosis is the condition where the main blood supplying arteries of your kidneys gets narrowed or blocked because of fat or cholesterol accumulation.

This accumulation of fat or cholesterol significantly impairs the blood flow through kidneys and results in impaired kidney function.

Subsequently, this impaired functioning of your kidneys progresses to severe high blood pressure or diabetes.

In general, each kidney in your body gets it blood flow through an important artery called renal artery that arises from aorta, a major blood vessel of your heart. So, if one of the both renal arteries narrows, it will eventually cause decreased blood flow to the kidney. This narrowing of renal arteries is mainly referred as renal artery stenosis.

Hormonal response!

When the volume of blood flow to your kidneys is reduced, it mainly results in hormonal response in your body. This hormonal system is stimulated as a defense against low blood pressure in your renal system.

As a result, you will experience inclined blood levels of hormone angiotensin, which results in narrowing of arteries. This, in addition to increased levels of aldosterone, which develops salt retention by your kidneys, works together to restore the blood volume and to maintain the blood pressure in normal levels.

But, when this defensive hormonal system stimulates against restricted blood flow and turns abnormal, it will end up with renal artery stenosis. In this situation, your kidneys receive lesser amount of blood flow, which in turn signals the sense of depletion of circulating blood volume.

So, this reduced renal blood flow, by stimulating the production of angiotensin and aldosterone, can lead to an abnormal increase of blood pressure, which is named as renovascular hypertension.

Essential measures!

Regardless of the treatment given for renal artery stenosis, reducing the risk of further narrowing of arteries is quite critical. So, to avoid further renal artery stenosis problem, try to follow better healthy life style. Explore different ways to control the lipid levels, cholesterol, and hypertension.

Maintain healthy life style that can prevent the causes of renal artery stenosis. Consider certain strategies like eating well balanced food, managing stress, regular body workouts, maintaining desirable weight for healthy life style and avoiding all those health complications caused by renal artery stenosis.