Is There Any Link Between Stress And Lupus?

——-Be Aware With Stress Associated Lupus!

Are you suffering with lupus? Do you think stress can initiate the symptoms of lupus? First of all, it is very essential for you to know that in some lupus patients, stress may not cause any direct or indirect effects.

However, it is believed that stress can affect any lupus patient in three main ways. These three ways can mainly include:

  1. Stress can cause same reactions in you with lupus, which usually occurs in any person who doesn’t have lupus.
  2. There is a chance for stress to be initiated with the early symptoms of lupus.
  3. Stress can also be associated with any flare-ups of your already existing disease.

There are many signs of stress that are quite common in a lupus patient and in a normal individual. These symptoms can mainly include poor concentration levels, anxiety, skin inflammations, insomnia, muscle aches, depression, panic attacks and at times asthma attacks are also initiated due to extreme stress in your body.

How is stress linked with the onset of lupus symptoms?

However, it is believed that stress is mainly linked with the onset of lupus, but the exact reason why stress can initiate the symptoms of lupus is still unknown. Your genes and hormones that are present in your body by birth can possibly trigger stress and accordingly you can become the victim of lupus.

Till now, there is no exact cause identified for lupus. But some recent studies showed that there are number of possible factors which can potentially lead you to the development of lupus. The genes that are instinctively inherited from your parents, clearly plays a vital role in increasing the chances of lupus in your body.

Apart from stress, environmental factors also seem to play a critical role in the development of lupus. These factors can mainly include exposure to ultra violet rays emitted from sun, certain viruses and even variety of drugs used in the treatment of blood pressure and heart disease.

Is it possible to reduce the risk of lupus with stress reduction techniques?

If you really suspect that you are experiencing higher levels of stress and you are more prone to develop lupus, then practice various stress reduction techniques to decrease your risk of lupus and other immune disorders.

Some of the most effective stress reduction techniques can mainly include intake of essential dietary supplements, practicing regular body exercises like walking, yoga, Pilates and many more. Even, meditation also gives you effective results in lowering your risk of stress and its associated immune disorders.

Apart from following these stress reduction techniques, try to get enough rest. Particularly, if you are suffering with lupus, it is always recommended for you to get at least 8-9 hours of good sleep at night. So, take adequate rest in your day and try to explore various ways to cope up with your stress and its associated immune disorders [Lupus treatment].